"Playing Nancy" is the first song of Act Two of Groundhog Day.

In the song, Nancy Taylor questions her place in the world and whether she's destined to just be there for the pleasure of men.


Well here I am again
The pretty but naïve one
Perky-breasted, giggly one night stand
Is it my destiny to be
A brief diversion
Just a detour on a journey of some man?

I'm not really one for askin'
I'll play whatever role I'm cast in
Smile with perfect teeth
And grimace underneath
I learned back in my teens
There's no point in protestin'
If you look good in tight jeans
That's what they'll want you dressed in
Once you're known for low-cut tops
It's pretty hard to stop
It isn't easy to break free
From playing Nancy

I don't really remember
I guess I chose to be here
I wasn't quite aware that
I was put here to be stared at
But this world I chose to live in
Is mostly run by men
So you take what you are given
Just to feel the love again
So throughout the endless week
And all through the weekend
You will find me here
Playing Nancy

Look, I know this person fits me
I'm pretty good at being pretty
And I'm grateful, I mean to say
There are worse roles you can play
And I'd rather be up dancing
Than sat against a wall
It's better to be leered at
Than not desired at all
Who am I to dream of better?
To dream that one day I will be
Something more than collateral
Someone else's battle?
I will be
Something more than Nancy


  • Antonio Magro performed the song at West End Miscast on 18 September 2016.
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