The London cast of Groundhog Day is the cast who performed the musical at The Old Vic in London, from July 11, 2016, officially opening on August 16, until September 17, 2016.

Role Actor
Phil Connors Andy Karl
Rita Hanson Carlyss Peer
Larry (Ensemble) Eugene McCoy
Ned Ryerson (Ensemble) Andrew Langtree
Nancy Taylor (Ensemble) Georgina Hagen
Mrs. Lancaster (Ensemble) Julie Jupp
Freddie (Ensemble) Kieran Jae
Debbie (Ensemble) Jenny O'Leary
Joelle (Ensemble) Carolyn Maitland
Ralph (Ensemble) Jack Shalloo
Gus (Ensemble) Andrew Spillett
Doris (Ensemble) Emma Lindars
Buster (Ensemble) Mark Pollard
Sheriff (Ensemble) Antonio Magro
Deputy (Ensemble) Roger Dipper
Jeff (Ensemble) Ste Clough
Jenson (Ensemble) Leo Andrew
Chubby Man (Ensemble) David Birch
Piano Teacher (Ensemble) Kirsty Malpass
Lady Storm Chaser (Ensemble) Vicki Lee Taylor
Dance Captain Leanne Pinder
Assistant Dance Captain Damien Poole

Standbys, understudies and swingsEdit

Role Actor
Swing Leanne Pinder
Damien Poole
Lisa Mathieson
Spencer Stafford
Phil Connors understudy Antonio Magro
Rita Hanson understudy Carolyn Maitland
Ned Ryerson understudy Roger Dipper
Nancy Taylor understudy Vicki Lee Taylor
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